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2016 versus 2017 vehicles: the differences

The fall season always sees a small increase in new vehicle sales as consumers finally have a bit more time than they did this summer, and the weather outside is more appropriate for being inside than out. If you are looking to replace your current vehicle, you may notice that you have two choices, even for one model: a 2016 vehicle, or a 2017 model-year option. Here are a few elements to consider when deciding ...

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A couple of tips to help with parking

Parking is something most drivers do without really thinking about it. After a few years of driving, it is indeed true that it becomes somewhat second nature. That said, there are a few tips that you can put into action which will help prevent any parking-related damages to your vehicle while also making things a little easier for you. Back into the parking spot It may be a little faster to go into your parking ...

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A few quick tips to make your vehicle even safer

It’s easy to feel very safe in a modern vehicle. After all, passive safety has never been better in modern vehicles (passive safety refers to elements that protect you when an accident occurs), and active safety technologies are becoming more and more advanced every day (active safety refers to driver assistance technologies that can prevent an accident from occurring). Nevertheless, there are plenty of other quick precautions that are easy to follow and that will ...

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A few quick tips to help plan your car buying budget

The most important aspect of buying a new or pre-owned vehicle is knowing how much you want to pay before heading to the dealership. That will make things a lot easier because you won’t waste time driving vehicles that don’t fit within your budget, and you will also avoid getting a deal that ultimately wasn’t really a deal. If you are paying cash, it’s a bit easier. The only thing you have to remember is ...

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Why a tire’s speed rating matters

There are really only two places where you would theoretically need to mind your tire’s speed rating: the track, and the Autobahn in Germany where there are certain sections without any speed limits. Other than that, our speed limits in Canada are well below the average tire’s maximum safe speed. That said, a tire’s speed rating provides more information than the maximum speed you can safely reach. Indeed, the tire speed rating also provides useful ...

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Where do pre-owned vehicles in a new-car dealership come from?

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, many consumers want to know where the used car, truck or SUV came from. This is important as it will provide a glimpse into the vehicle’s past. If you can also know how the vehicle was maintained and its service history, all the better. That’s why many consumers choose to shop for their next pre-owned vehicle at a new-car dealership. They feel better knowing that there is often a complete ...

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Other information to look at when buying your next vehicle

finance or cash

There are plenty of reliable sources of information out there that will help you when the time comes to purchase your next vehicle. These sources include automotive websites that provide reviews and comparison tests, as well as owner forums and blogs that give you inside information on how a given vehicle is to live with on a daily basis. That said, there are other sources of information as well that provide a more in-depth look ...

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What to do about a recall?

pre-owned vehicle buying

Is your vehicle being recalled? Did you just find out about it on the news are now you are not sure what to do? Don’t worry, there are a few steps you can follow that will make dealing with a recall that much easier. The best place to start is not to panic. The way recalls are announced certainly do not help in putting us at ease. Usually, sites all over the country and sometimes ...

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How to protect your engine

Your engine is the brain of your vehicle. It is by far the most important component of your car, and you should therefore take every precaution to ensure that it is protected and well-maintained. This will allow your vehicle to last longer, but more importantly you will save yourself from some expensive repairs down the road. The first step in protecting your engine is to ensure that you get it maintained at the specified intervals. ...

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Understanding second chance credit financing

We often here of second chance credit financing, or even third chance credit financing, but it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what we are talking about and more importantly, the implications of these financing solutions that are aimed at buyers with less than ideal credit. Our credit is an indication of our ability to pay our obligations. Before a bank or other financial institution agrees to give us a loan, they will check ...

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