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ADVICE: Some practical tips for safe winter driving

Winter driving requires a lot of patience and a lot of adjustments, especially in the weeks following the first real snowstorm. After all, motorists are always adjusting to the new realities of driving when winter officially sets in, and they tend to forget some of the notions learned in previous years.


The idea behind this article is not to give a winter driving course. It is rather series of small reminders which, we hope, will be useful to get you back into the spirit of driving in winter.

In the first place, slow down

This is the easiest advice, but also the most often forgotten during the first weeks of winter driving. In winter, the roads, even if they look like they are dry and pose no danger, are always a bit more slippery and a bit more dangerous. Therefore, we must remember to slow down so we have plenty of time to brake and also to avoid losing control when we change lanes.

Following the speed limit in winter is very important, and we must remember to be progressive in our driving. Sudden steering wheel movements or accelerating with our foot to the floor are usually no-nos.

By being more progressive in our driving, we give our vehicle and especially our tires a chance to grip the road and better control weight transitions.

Speaking of tires…

Before we even get out on the road in winter, we must make sure that our winter tires are in good condition. Our tires are the only point of contact between our vehicle and the road, and so we must make sure they will not let us down. If the thickness of the tread is less than 4.8 mm, it is better to replace your tires before putting winter rolls around because they will probably not be effective for the entire season.

That all depends on how you drive, of course, but the idea here is that your tires should be in good condition before you install them at the start of the season.

Thank you to Bruce Hyundai for their help with this article.

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