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ADVICE: Did you just get a flat tire? Don’t play with fire

There’s nothing more annoying than a flat tire, no doubt about it. You have somewhere you need to be, it is very likely that you are late, and suddenly you feel your vehicle is no longer responding the same way, that it tends to deviate to one side or the other and your steering wheel is vibrating under your hands.

Then you lower your window, and you hear a fluttering sound that is certainly coming from one of the tires. Although it is very tempting to continue on your way, you must resign yourself to stop.

Indeed, a punctured tire will have a direct impact on the behavior of your vehicle and thereby your safety. In addition, driving with a flat tire can damage your rim, and even other important components, which means even greater replacement costs.

“When it comes to an air leak, there are products that seal the hole long enough for you to get to a dealership and have the tire repaired. But when it comes to a flat tire, it is important to avoid driving with the vehicle,” says a technician at Morrey Nissan of Burnaby.

So what should you do? First, make sure you find a safe place to park the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is placed on a flat place. Then brace the wheels that do not need to be replaced, and partially loosen the wheel bolts that are to be replaced. Place the jack at the appropriate lifting point and lift the vehicle. Remove the bolts and the wheel, and place the other wheel. Tighten the bolts and you can go back on the road.

Once at your dealer, you may have to replace all tires if they are worn. You want to avoid driving with a new tire and three tires that need to be replaced as this will completely change the dynamics of your vehicle.

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