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Five myths about winter tires

winter tire myths

When the time comes to buy winter tires, consumers are often faced with a host of information coming from the media, our colleagues, our in-laws and our friends. We all have an “expert” in our circle that feels more than comfortable giving us advice, and ultimately it becomes difficult to know where to turn for accurate information. Since 2008, motorists in the Montreal region and elsewhere in Quebec must equip their vehicles with winter tires ...

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Some tips for storing your tires

Motorists in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec are struggling with an unknown reality in most other countries, and even in other provinces even if we share the same climate: owning eight tires. In fact, the law requires us to have winter tires between December 15th and March 15th, and after that the majority of consumers make the wise decision to install summer tires. Between every season, we must store the tires that are not used. ...

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The three mistakes to avoid when it comes to winter tires

Three mistakes to avoid winter tires

We can already feel the cold approaching. The leaves on the trees have gone from green to bright reds and oranges, and now they are starting to fall. Winter is upon us, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about winter tires which have been mandatory for drivers in Quebec long enough that most of us are aware of that fact. The new law came into effect back in 2008 with section 440.1 ...

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Top 5 Best Winter Tires

best winter tires

It is never easy to rank the best tires, particularly for the winter season. The reality is that there are several quality winter tires on the market, but most consumers each have specific and varied needs that ensure that there is no one right tire for everyone. These needs especially vary depending on where one lives. Motorists driving daily in Montreal will not have the same needs as those living in rural areas, simply because ...

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Prepare for winter with a survival kit

The majority of motorists have no survival kit in their vehicle. It is normal after all since we probably never have been caught in a situation where we had to wait for help in the past. That said, it is important to have a survival kit, especially in winter, which, even if one never uses it, could well save your life. It is very easy to prepare a survival kit, and it will last a ...

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Here’s what you need to do to prepare your vehicle for winter

Winter is upon us, we feel it when we leave home in the morning. For our vehicle, it is the start of a season that can significantly affect the reliability and durability of our car over time. Changes in temperature, extreme cold, snow and ice, salt and sand, and everything else that comes with winter … all this is very harsh for our vehicle’s engine as well as all its other mechanical components. This is ...

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The right time to put on your winter tires

If you ever tried driving on a snowy road in winter with all-season tires (or worst, summer tires), then you know that they are not the optimal solution to preserving the handling and safety of your vehicle in winter. Although not required by law everywhere in Canada, winter tires should be installed on your vehicle before the first snowfall. The question then becomes, when is it a good time to install these tires on your ...

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How to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter

If you dread driving in winter, or you want to ensure that you are ready for anything and everything, hopefully the next few tips will help you out. With winter being so unpredictable, it’s important to be ready and prepared. That will make things a lot easier, and ensure your safety as well when the road gets slippery. Tires and wipers Your tires need to be in perfect condition and be designed to handle winter. ...

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Advice for driving in fall conditions

If you’ve been driving in Canada for a while, you know how important it is to adapt your driving behavior to changing road conditions associated with winter. That said, preparations for winter driving start way before the first snow storm, and even in fall you have to slow down and adapt as changing weather conditions have already begun to make the roads a little more slippery. Here are a few tips for driving safely in ...

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What differentiates a winter tire from an all-season tire

If you use all-season tires in the heart of winter, you are in for a treat if you decide to opt for winter tires this year. It’s understandable that some owners don’t want to have to pay for another set of tires, or take the time to get them installed, but the fact of the matter is that you will feel safer and more stable out on the road. There are three main ways winter ...

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