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ADVICE: Some very practical winter accessories

Winter is fast approaching, and that means there will soon be snow and ice on our roads and on our vehicles also in the morning and evening, unless we have a garage of course. However, to be well prepared for winter, it is necessary to take some precautions.

First, make sure you have good tires and that your vehicle is in good condition. This is the bare minimum. Subsequently, there are several accessories that are sometimes forgotten, but can be very useful to make our lives easier in winter.

Here are a few.

Suitable wipers

Visibility is always very precarious in winter. That’s why wipers that are properly adapted can be very useful. They are more resistant while sticking better to the surface of our windshield. Thus, they are more effective at removing sticky snow while being more durable when ice covers them.

Traction aids

These devices, which look a little like bear traps, are extremely effective in getting rid of the snow if we are caught up in it. They cost about $ 50 and will save you a lot of headaches if you are caught in the snow without any help or a shovel.

Winter mats

In winter, salt and sand cover the roads as well as our driveway. This has the effect of damaging our original carpets with calcium stains that can be very difficult to remove. Winter mats can protect our carpets and preserve the resale value of our vehicle.

The accessories described above can change your entire outlook on winter. So why not check them out? Thank you to Bruce GM Digby for their help with this article.

Thank you Bruce GM Middleton for your advice.

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