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ADVICE: Some practical tips for safe winter driving


Winter driving requires a lot of patience and a lot of adjustments, especially in the weeks following the first real snowstorm. After all, motorists are always adjusting to the new realities of driving when winter officially sets in, and they tend to forget some of the notions learned in previous years. The idea behind this article is not to give a winter driving course. It is rather series of small reminders which, we hope, will ...

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ADVICE: Some very practical winter accessories

Winter is fast approaching, and that means there will soon be snow and ice on our roads and on our vehicles also in the morning and evening, unless we have a garage of course. However, to be well prepared for winter, it is necessary to take some precautions. First, make sure you have good tires and that your vehicle is in good condition. This is the bare minimum. Subsequently, there are several accessories that are ...

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How to keep fuel consumption in check in winter

Winter is not easy on your vehicle, and certainly not easy on its fuel consumption. However, by following these tips, you can reduce the impact of winter on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Do not let engine idle for too long Yes, it’s cold in the winter. There is no doubt about that. So it’s often tempting to let your engine idle for minutes on end before you hit the road to avoid an icy cabin. ...

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Prepare for winter with a survival kit

The majority of motorists have no survival kit in their vehicle. It is normal after all since we probably never have been caught in a situation where we had to wait for help in the past. That said, it is important to have a survival kit, especially in winter, which, even if one never uses it, could well save your life. It is very easy to prepare a survival kit, and it will last a ...

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Here’s what you need to do to prepare your vehicle for winter

Winter is upon us, we feel it when we leave home in the morning. For our vehicle, it is the start of a season that can significantly affect the reliability and durability of our car over time. Changes in temperature, extreme cold, snow and ice, salt and sand, and everything else that comes with winter … all this is very harsh for our vehicle’s engine as well as all its other mechanical components. This is ...

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How to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter

If you dread driving in winter, or you want to ensure that you are ready for anything and everything, hopefully the next few tips will help you out. With winter being so unpredictable, it’s important to be ready and prepared. That will make things a lot easier, and ensure your safety as well when the road gets slippery. Tires and wipers Your tires need to be in perfect condition and be designed to handle winter. ...

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Here’s how to ensure your safety this winter

Winter driving is never easy. There is snow, ice, cold, blowing snow that vastly reduces visibility, and many other elements drivers in Canada have to deal with. No doubt, it’s always better to face winter when we are prepared and ready. Here are a few tips to help you once the cold weather rolls around. It all starts with the tires If you want to be totally safe this winter, it all starts with your ...

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Four tricks to get your vehicle ready for winter

winter driving

Winter is coming. We know it just by stepping outside in the morning. Soon, snow will blanket the roads and ice will creep up when we least expect it. That’s a reality that people in Canada have had to face for a very long time. Although most of us are used to driving in winter, and we know how to do it mainly by slowing down and taking our time when the road is covered, ...

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