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ADVICE: Some practical tips for safe winter driving


Winter driving requires a lot of patience and a lot of adjustments, especially in the weeks following the first real snowstorm. After all, motorists are always adjusting to the new realities of driving when winter officially sets in, and they tend to forget some of the notions learned in previous years. The idea behind this article is not to give a winter driving course. It is rather series of small reminders which, we hope, will ...

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ADVICE: Some very practical winter accessories

Winter is fast approaching, and that means there will soon be snow and ice on our roads and on our vehicles also in the morning and evening, unless we have a garage of course. However, to be well prepared for winter, it is necessary to take some precautions. First, make sure you have good tires and that your vehicle is in good condition. This is the bare minimum. Subsequently, there are several accessories that are ...

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ADVICE: Demonstrator vehicles, are they a good deal?

You’ve probably seen multiple ads for demonstrator vehicles in newspapers or on the web when you were looking for your next vehicle. This type of vehicle actually falls between a new vehicle and a pre-owned vehicle, but often it offers advantages that compare more favorably to a new one than a used model. A vehicle may hold the demo title for several different reasons. It may have been used by a dealership employee, or by ...

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How to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter

If you dread driving in winter, or you want to ensure that you are ready for anything and everything, hopefully the next few tips will help you out. With winter being so unpredictable, it’s important to be ready and prepared. That will make things a lot easier, and ensure your safety as well when the road gets slippery. Tires and wipers Your tires need to be in perfect condition and be designed to handle winter. ...

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2016 versus 2017 vehicles: the differences

The fall season always sees a small increase in new vehicle sales as consumers finally have a bit more time than they did this summer, and the weather outside is more appropriate for being inside than out. If you are looking to replace your current vehicle, you may notice that you have two choices, even for one model: a 2016 vehicle, or a 2017 model-year option. Here are a few elements to consider when deciding ...

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A few quick tips to help plan your car buying budget

The most important aspect of buying a new or pre-owned vehicle is knowing how much you want to pay before heading to the dealership. That will make things a lot easier because you won’t waste time driving vehicles that don’t fit within your budget, and you will also avoid getting a deal that ultimately wasn’t really a deal. If you are paying cash, it’s a bit easier. The only thing you have to remember is ...

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What to do about a recall?

pre-owned vehicle buying

Is your vehicle being recalled? Did you just find out about it on the news are now you are not sure what to do? Don’t worry, there are a few steps you can follow that will make dealing with a recall that much easier. The best place to start is not to panic. The way recalls are announced certainly do not help in putting us at ease. Usually, sites all over the country and sometimes ...

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