Here’s how to ensure your safety this winter

Winter driving is never easy. There is snow, ice, cold, blowing snow that vastly reduces visibility, and many other elements drivers in Canada have to deal with. No doubt, it’s always better to face winter when we are prepared and ready. Here are a few tips to help you once the cold weather rolls around. It all starts with the tires If you want to be totally safe this winter, it all starts with your ...

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Four tricks to get your vehicle ready for winter

winter driving

Winter is coming. We know it just by stepping outside in the morning. Soon, snow will blanket the roads and ice will creep up when we least expect it. That’s a reality that people in Canada have had to face for a very long time. Although most of us are used to driving in winter, and we know how to do it mainly by slowing down and taking our time when the road is covered, ...

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Snow tires or ice tires?

Has that question been on your mind? Are you wondering which winter tire is better suited to your particular needs? You are not alone. There are quite a lot of options on the market when it comes to buying winter tires, and there is something for every budget. Here’s how you can make the best possible choice. Before making that choice, it is important to ask some questions. In the end, your driving habits, where ...

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Everything that needs to be known about winter tires

Winter tires

Last winter, you felt it. As soon as there was just a little bit of snow and ice on the road, your car would struggle to find grip. It was also getting increasingly difficult to get up those pesky hills and out of your parking spot. You feel like your winter tires may be done, but are they? Well, first things first, if your tires were beginning to slip and slide, there is a good ...

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When is it time to think about winter tires?

driving in winter, winter tires, new tires, winter

As you have probably noticed, the nights are cold and the days are cool. This means that fortunately or unfortunately, all depending on which side of the fence you find yourself, winter will be here soon. That means that soon enough, you will need to think about winter tires. Although they are not required by law, anyone who has faced an icy road on all-season tires know that they should be. So, the first important ...

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A new 2015 or a new 2016? It all depends…

buying a new car

When fall rolls along, many buyers are all of a sudden stricken with the thought of changing their vehicle. That leads to a visit to the dealership which in turn leads to a surprising realization. There are two variants of the model you want inside the dealership, a 2015 and a 2016. Which one should you choose? It basically depends on the type of car buyer you are and the type of consumer you plan to ...

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Driving in the fall: it’s like winter

driving in autumn, fall driving, safety driving tips

Canadian drivers know that in winter, we must slow down and most importantly, be careful of icy or snowy roads. That said, many are unaware that fall can also be dangerous as roads become slippery for many different reasons. “Motorists change their behavior on the road in winter, but once spring returns they go back to their original driving habits. Obviously, there is less danger on the roads in summer, but in autumn, the cold ...

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Just put regular, it is cheaper right?

octane ratings

For many consumers, the price of gas is a real concern. That leads some to opt to put regular fuel in their vehicle that requires premium grade gas. For some models and engines, it’s not that big of a deal. For others however, putting the wrong type of gas can significantly harm both performance and fuel economy. “It can also lead to your engine wearing down sooner, and engine knocking as well while you are ...

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What determines the cost of your auto insurance?

car insurance

Although we may not like it, we are obligated to have auto insurance on our vehicle. There aren’t really any reasons that we wouldn’t want to have it however given that accidents, well, they do happen. On the other hand, insurance premiums can be quite high and certainly add to the overall cost of owning a car. For those on a budget, it’s not always easy. That said, if you know the factors that will ...

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Little steps to improving overall vehicle safety

safety, improving safety, tips

As a safety-conscious driver, you have taken all the necessary steps to ensuring that your vehicle is safe. That means that your tires are in good condition, your car’s mechanical component are spotless, and you adopt safe driving techniques and habits. That said, there may be a few things you haven’t thought about. These are little things that, when combined, make you and your vehicle’s occupants that much safer. Remove flying objects “People tend to ...

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