ADVICE: Did you just get a flat tire? Don’t play with fire

There’s nothing more annoying than a flat tire, no doubt about it. You have somewhere you need to be, it is very likely that you are late, and suddenly you feel your vehicle is no longer responding the same way, that it tends to deviate to one side or the other and your steering wheel is vibrating under your hands. Then you lower your window, and you hear a fluttering sound that is certainly coming ...

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FRANKFURT: 2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

2019 porsche cayenne turbo

Raising the sport and performance bar is something that Porsche’s done since the very beginning. The 911 was never going to be a supercar-beating sporty coupe! Its rear engine design was flawed from the start. Today, the 911 is one of the most decorated sports cars in the history of motorsports. Porsche’s at it again with the new 3rd generation Cayenne. Whomever said that a truck couldn’t be driven on a track and tackle some ...

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2018 volkswagen t-roc

The endless desire for crossover from the car buying public the world over is inspiring automotive brands to push utility vehicle design boundaries. The T-ROC is the German giant’s latest CUV and it positions itself just below the recently arrived Tiguan. Although there are great similarities between the compact T-ROC and the Audi Q2, the VW features some very distinct styling features. The front fascia is an evolved and sportier design over that of the ...

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NEW CAR: the BMW X7 Concept is big and hybrid

It is big, massive, imposing … and so far it has not been very well received. Saying that its style is polarizing would be an understatement. Measuring more than 5 meters in length and equipped with 23-inch wheels, the BMW X7 Concept will be presented next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We do not really have much more details about the X7, besides the fact that it will position itself above the X5 in ...

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QUICK CAR REVIEW: 2017 Ford Raptor

2017 Ford Raptor

Indeed, nothing can stop the Ford Raptor. Nothing, except doing pickup things. It’s true! I love pickups because I can throw random things in the bed such as tree branches, wood planks and all kinds of other stuff. Although the SuperCrew cab configuration allows for limo-like interior room, the 5”5’ bed is agonizing due to its lack of bulge. No, the Raptor is not the only one to suffer from small-box syndrome but most other ...

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AUTO NEWS: Domino’s wants to deliver pizzas with Ford autonomous cars

If you are visiting Ann Arbor in Michigan this week and you feel like a pizza, do not be surprised if you see a Ford Fusion in the street but no delivery boy in sight. You will have to go outside and pick up your pizza by entering a four-digit code that will open the back window. You can then take your pizza which will be in a heated compartment. A Ford engineer will be ...

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AUTO NEWS: A performance division for Toyota?

Japanese carmaker Toyota plans to introduce a new performance line for some of its vehicles, and this new range could be presented next month in Japan. American site Automotive News first reported the news this week. Very few details exist about this new series, but according to preliminary information it would be similar to the F range offered by Lexus. That means it could be simple aesthetic additions, or these same additions with more powerful ...

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AUTO NEWS: Audi changes the name of its models

German manufacturer Audi recently decided to review the names of its models. The transformation isn’t as important as last year’s Mercedes-Benz lineup name overhaul, but all Audi models around the world will be affected. The end result is pretty easy to understand, but the Audi press release explaining the changes is quite complex to decipher. And that’s us being polite. In simple terms, all Audi models will receive a new digit to the right of ...

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FIRST REVIEW: 2018 GMC Terrain

2018 GMC Terrain

GMC is the lesser known brand in the GM empire. This is certainly the case if you are not a typical truck buyer. GMC is, after all, described as “professional grade” and as such, mostly aimed at contractors and other small business owners. Although this branding is well deserved, especially for the Sierra and Yukon, it does seem to position the brand away from the typical automotive consumer. Back in 2009, the car business crisis ...

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AUTO NEWS: Hyundai unveils next-generation hydrogen vehicle

Like many manufacturers, Hyundai wants to offer greener vehicles, and in combination with Kia the Korean automaker wants to introduce no fewer than 31 eco-friendly models by 2020. To do so, Hyundai will go with a mix of technologies currently available, namely electric, hybrid and fuel cell engines. This week, Hyundai unveiled the next generation of its hydrogen-powered SUV that will replace the current Hyundai Tucson FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) next year. The latter ...

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