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A Chevrolet Colorado designed for the military

When the US military decides to build a vehicle, the results are often anything but boring. Such is the case with the Colorado ZH2, a midsize pickup that starts off as a Chevrolet Colorado, but retains very little from the original model on which it is based.


For starters, the engine is powered by hydrogen. You will have guessed that the military wants to evaluate the potential of this type of engine in order to possibly implement it on its field vehicles. Benefits include better range than an electric motor, and the fact that it is a lot faster to refuel a hydrogen vehicle than recharge a battery.

For now, the Colorado ZH2 is undergoing tests at Chevrolet in Michigan. Subsequently, the US military will do its own tests on the vehicle in situations that will more than likely be a lot more complex.

Hopes of seeing the Colorado ZH2 on our roads are very slim, unless someone decides to offer some kind of customization package for the Chevrolet Colorado. The idea would certainly have merit…

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