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CAR NEWS: Almost all Canadians claim to be good drivers

It appears that Canadian drivers are quite proud of their driving skills, with 95% of them saying they are good drivers in a recent study conducted by Belairdirect. On the other hand, 93% of respondents say they adopt certain dangerous driving behaviors.

These contradictory results come from a study of 1,551 Canadian motorists 18 or older. Respondents were also able to give their opinion on the most risky habits when driving.

These include impaired driving (89% of respondents), driving while distracted (54%), driving when we are tired (42%), and texting while driving (39%).

Some hazardous behaviors conducted by respondents include not stopping at a red light (31%) and not respecting road signs (29%). More than one in 10 respondents (14%) reported having had sexual relations while driving, and 3% of respondents said they have flossed while driving.

In addition, the study indicated that the majority of drivers (79%) would be willing to give up risky behaviors that are primarily related to cell phone use but would like to receive a financial reward in return.

Finally, more than 9 in 10 respondents said that when it comes to good driving practices, they would never want to steal another driver’s parking space or accelerate to prevent another car from passing.

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