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CAR HISTORY: the first ticket was given in 1896

Almost all motorists have received a ticket at some point or another in their lives. It’s never pleasant, and we could argue for a long time about how effective they are in reducing the speed of drivers in too much of a hurry.

In general, we will obey posted speed limits for a few minutes following our ticket before climbing back to our usual pace. I am not saying that’s alright and that speed limits aren’t need on our roads, only that few people respect them to the letter.

But have you ever wondered who received the first ever speeding ticket? His name was Walter Arnold, and in 1896 he was caught speeding in what was ironically enough a car he had created himself, the Arnold Benz.

The speed limit at the time was 2 mph or 3.2 km/h, and it was mandatory to be preceded by a person waving a red flag to warn passers-by that a “car” was approaching. Well, Mr. Arnold not only forgot to have a guide in front of his Benz, but he was caught driving around 13 km/h, 10 times the posted speed at the time

Today, the car would be gone and Walter Arnold would be in prison. In 1896, he instead was hit with a fine of one shilling, or about ten dollars. Lucky guy.

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